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Most Luxurious Paris Hotels

Most Luxurious Paris Hotels

Paris is an absolutely beautiful city to visit and if you are going there, you might want to spend a little more money on a luxury hotel. Let’s take a look at some of the most luxurious hotels in Paris that are definitely worth considering if your budget and requirements are high.

– Le Meurice

This hotel is in a great location and just a few minutes walk from the Louvre. It is absolutely beautiful with marble decor and chandeliers galore. There is a rooftop terrace where you can enjoy some drinks and if you want to upgrade to stay in the exquisite presidential suite, it overlooks the Tuileries, which is a beautiful landmark.

– The Ritz

This is an out of this world hotel that was first opened back in 1898. Despite the modern amenities, The Ritz aims to stay as true to its roots as possible with its period paintings and furniture. You would definitely do a hard job recreating the image of the hotel with the idea klippan sofa cover or any other ikea furnishings but you can give it a good go! The food, drink, ambience and service at The Ritz is pretty amazing.

– Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

The number one focal point of this hotel is the stunning view of the Eiffel Tower, allowing you to actually be up close and personal with the landmark. This isn’t even the start of it however, the rooms in the Shangri-La Hotel are absolutely incredible and look like something of a high end magazine. You are going to be waited on hand and foot at this hotel which also include rooftop terraces to unwind.

– Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris

Located in the Champs-Elysées golden triangle, this is a comfortable and spacious place to stay during your time in Paris. The Royal and Presidential rooms come complete with dressing rooms, lounges, offices and dining rooms. They all have quite historical themes to them except for the penthouse which is very modern with marble flooring. The three restaurants at this hotel all have Michelin stars.

– Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme

This hotel has an Asian inspired interior and it is very popular with A list celebrities who visit Paris. The restaurant ‘Pur’ has of course 1 Michelin star and serves only the best cuisine to guests. The suites in the hotel feature amazing pieces of artwork and all the amenities you could need. With marble interior, pillars and a whole lot more gorgeous pieces in the reception area and beyond, this hotel could be your own little paradise during your time in the city.

If you are interested in staying at any of these hotels, dig a little deeper by looking at reviews online and you can then go from there.

Christmas In Vienna

Christmas In Vienna

The city of Vienna is interesting at any season, but if you go there at Christmas, you can expect a truly unique and spellbinding experience. Whether you join a tour, or bravely delve into the ancient streets without the professional guide, be sure to focus your attention on the matchless beauty of Vienna’s historic old town. There you will encounter a plethora of sights, concerts and festive activities. You will have a difficult time deciding what you should do next. Although there is no right or wrong way to enjoy Vienna at Christmas time, be sure to take in one of the memorable classical concerts. You will be able to drink special festive brews, buy presents for friends and family and sample local foods. You can wander along the boulevards listening to Christmas carols or advent choirs in some of Vienna’s innumerable churches. In short, you will have a memorable holiday that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Sights And Sounds Of The Holiday Season

Start your holiday tour of Vienna by visiting some of numerous Christmas markets. The one situated at the Belvedere Palace is especially attractive, although any other will do nicely. Whichever you might choose, you will encounter an enchanting wintery venue full of people and market stalls. Vienna is literally brimming with goods and various gourmet opportunities. While you are looking for that perfect present or souvenir, be sure to try mulled wine, chestnuts and famous Austrian apple strudel. Among other items, Vienna offers a unique and extremely valuable Christmas gift: the Vienna Philharmonic bullion. They are so famous and sought after, that this year they even made a Vienna Philharmonic coin golden Christmas tree . After that, take a walk down the charming Ringstrasse, and you will surely enjoy the mesmerising play of colourful Christmas lights and decorations. Winter in Vienna tends to be quite harsh, so when it gets chilly, be sure to visit some of Vienna’s renowned cafes. You will be delighted with the hospitable and cordial atmosphere and gourmet cuisine. National dishes such as sausages with sauerkraut or horseradish, followed by chocolate Sachertorte will sufficiently warm you up so that you can continue with your magical journey.

International Experience In Vienna

Now, where you should go next? There are still so many things to see, visit and try in Vienna at Christmas. However, if you are a lover of classical music, then you will undoubtedly want to hear something from Vienna’s rich musical programme. After all, Vienna is the city of Mozart, Brahms and Strauss. So stroll to the Palace Orangery, Sala Terrena, or any other concert hall and enjoy the festive sounds of famous Viennese waltzes. One of the special qualities of Vienna at this particular time of the year is that you can always meet fun and interesting people. It is a special feeling indeed to climb the Urania observatory on Christmas Eve, surrounded by an international crowd of people, and gaze upon the brilliant city decorated for Christmas. If the spirit of this enticing and magical season beckons you, go to and find an appropriate flight that will take you right into the heart of Europe and Austrian Chrismas.

Explore Rome In 3 Days

Explore Rome In 3 Days

Rome is also called the “City of Ancient Aqueducts”. Indeed, you will see traces of history all over this stunning city, whether you like it or not. If you can only spend three days in this beautiful city, guided tours will probably be the best option for you. However, if you are more of the adventurous type, you might also enjoy getting lost in the various little streets and discover the city while avoiding tourist crowds. Either way, you will fall in love with Rome!

Rome and its Water

Water has always been important for the city of Rome. First of all, you can see it simply everywhere. You might have already enjoyed a stroll along the beautiful Tiber River or taken pictures of the legendary Trevi Fountain. The famous myth of Romulus and Remus even said these two founders of Rome came from the river. So it seems as if water has a deep cultural meaning for this city. Maybe you have already heard that Rome faces water rationing. Lake Bracciano provides quite a large percentage of Rome’s drinking water but it has sunk tremendously in the last years. This is especially concerning due to the extremely hot and dry summers in this region. Geologists and members of the government are currently working on a solution.

The History of Rome

Rome’s founding reaches back to the early days of civilization. Therefor, it belongs to the oldest cities in the entire world and is also called the “eternal city”. Julius Caesar was probably the most famous Roman politician. After him, a lot of other emperors followed, including Augustus and Titus. Basically, you can witness the rich history of Rome everywhere you go. You should definitely visit the beautiful archaeological park “Ostia Antica”, Circus Maximus, the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. After that, have a coffee at the Piazza Navona and enjoy its Bernini sculptures. To see the most beautiful skyline Rome has to offer, you have to climb to the top of the Janiculum Hill. In general, most of these places are accessible by public transportation. find examples from Roman history here.

Romantic Weekends In Paris

Romantic Weekends In Paris

Have you ever dreamed of the ultimate romantic getaway with your loved one? Who hasn’t? One of the most popular destinations for such a trip is most certainly Paris. Known as the City of Love, each year it attracts millions of people, who want to feel the unique romantic atmosphere and spend a few tender moments with their partner under the Eiffel Tower at night. Read on to find out if it also a place for you and your boo.

Where to stay in Paris?

The most romantic city in the world offers many accommodation options. Each and every couple in love will find something, that appeals to themShopping Parisian style. From tiny private studios in the Montmartre neighbourhood, known for its bohemian vibe, to posh 5 star hotels, that also well-known celebrities frequent. If you are looking for something in between those two options, there is also something in Paris for you. The Hoxton is set to open its doors in a 16th century building in the 2nd arrondissement. This charming boutique hotel is a perfect option for a romantic weekend together. In fact, it is also very close to all the main attractions of the city. Definitely a good pick if you want to be in the centre of everything.

What to wear during your trip to Paris?

Paris is not only the city of love but also the world’s capital of fashion. It is the home of Chanel, Chloe and other famous brands. If you want to blend in with the chic Parisians, you will need to be on your best style behaviour. Flip through some fashion magazines and gather all the necessary information and inspiration on what’s hot this season. Afterwards, it’s time for some shopping. To prepare for your trip and to be sure you have all the stylish accessories needed to look the fashionista part in Paris, visit, where you can look up and buy all the glamorous items you need to make the romantic getaway even more perfect.

How to find the best hotel and travel deals

How to find the best hotel and travel deals


Hotels are not at all that difficult to find. On the contrary, we often get bombarded with emails from various booking sites and hotels where we have in some point in time been registered as users or guests. Sorting through the overwhelming amount of offers and websites can be a bit of a daunting task.

Accommodation accounts for a large portion of travel expenses, and can be extremely costly if you are traveling with family. No to mention the fact that in addition to accommodation you need flight tickets, train tickets or other tickets for the journey to your final destination. Furthermore, you need to transport yourself and others to the airport, or railway station. In some cases, you need to buy a parking ticket for the time you will be gone. All these costs definitely add up, and you are not even there yet!

Having a budget for your travels help. This allows you to keep an close eye on the costs, and it will help you planning a trip that will not break the bank. As for traveling costs, it is always better being as flexible as possible with regard to your travel dates. That flight ticket might be half the price if you travel even a day earlier! Hence, you should use a travel site with a search engine where you are able to compare the prices from day to day. However, please note that theses prices might not include any checked baggage – this might come as an extra charge. Always make sure what’s included in the price before buying your ticket.

In general finding the best prices out there is by comparing different travel agents. Using the sites that compare these agents, is a good idea. Kayak, Momondo and Trivago are sites well worth visiting in order to find the best deal. However, when you find some interesting hotels – do not forget to visit their websites, as they sometimes have promotions that could be a better deal than the ones found on other sites.

Do not forget that other costs may apply. For example, breakfast is not necessarily included. In fact, breakfasts that are not included in the price of the room are often costly, and could quite easily cost you several $100 for a week. Also be sure to check other charges when you have arrived. For example, the items in your minibar are usually very expensive. It is better to stock up at the nearest supermarket! Moreover, if you intend to hire a car – what are the parking fees at the hotel? In a city center hotel, this could be a hefty cost. It is important to research, understand your needs and, if on a budget, be flexible and open to compromise.

Where to stay in London?

Where to stay in London?


It is no secret that London is one of the priciest cities to visit in the world, and this includes hotel prices . The only way of staying really cheap is to book a hostel, and even these are expensive compared to other cities in Europe. More than ever, it is therefore important to compare different agents and hotel sites in order to find something that will not break the bank. Furthermore, London is sadly filled with low budget places that are just rubbish. Staying at a cheap place means that you need to read reviews of the place to decide if this is worth a try. Head over to the site Tripadvisor and have a look. This site contains real reviews from real people, and is therefore reliable and a gold mine for any traveler.

Chances are that you just have to accept the fact that London is going to cost you a bit more in terms of lodging. So embrace that fact before you start looking, since this will save you a headache. The prices of course vary. However, for a nice place in a central location you need to be prepared to pay around £120 at least for a night.

Choosing your location

London is a huge city and will require some logistics. Thankfully, getting around London is easy. You will have access to the tube (underground) almost everywhere, and there are always the buses. However, it is always nice to stay in an attractive location.

Whether or not you have been in London already, you have most likely heard of Hyde Park. This is a huge park in the very center of London, and takes about an hour to walk through. North of Hyde Park is the Bayswater area, with some really interesting hotels and nice restaurants. South of the aforementioned park is Kensington and Knightsbridge. The latter boasts some really expensive hotels, and you will rarely find any bargains here. Kensington and Earls Court to the west are better bets, as the prices here are lower in general. Kensington has some really nice and classy residential areas, and some apartment hotels can be found here if you are looking for self-catering.

Do not forget to check the budget hotel chains, i.e. Ibis, Holiday Inn Express and Premier Inn, for possible promotions or loyalty offers.

Finding a hotel in Edinburgh

Finding a hotel in Edinburgh


The beautiful Scottish city of Edinburgh is worth visiting more than once. There is definitely something magic about this place, and there are lots of thing to see and do. Edinburgh boasts numerous castles, and its Royal Mile is just magnificent. Edinburgh is popular, particularly in the summer. Hence, the prices for lodging are far from cheap. In fact, Edinburgh can sometimes be almost as expensive as London. The city is much smaller than London and you do not need to pay a fortune for transportation. Walking around in this city is a joy, and make sure to stop for an afternoon tea now and then!

Some nice options in the centre of Edinburgh include the Scotsman, Radisson Blue, Balmoral, and Waldorf Astoria. These are definitely not the cheapest options, far from it, and if you are traveling on a budget you might want to look at Ibis, Holiday Inn Express and Premier Inns. Also consider to stay at an aparthotel if you would prefer self-catering, there are very nice apartment hotels in the city that won’t cost you a fortune. There are also options such as AirBnb that often offer accommodation across a wide spectrum of price points.

A comfortable stay in Prague

A comfortable stay in Prague


The Czech city of Prague is the perfect place for anyone interested beautiful buildnings and historic surroundings. It is almost like stepping into a fariy tale. Both the Old Town and New Town are well worth a visit, and there are several museums and art exhibitions in the area. Not to be missed is the impressive Charles Bridge, which will take you towards the Prague Castle. Prague is also a city of affordable eateries and restaurants.

Hotels are in general quite cheap in Prague, and you can stay in a luxurious hotel for the price of a 3-star stay in London. The beautiful Hotel Paris is situated in an art deco building, and offers classy rooms and suites. Here, you can enjoy your breakfast in the Sarah Bernard café, which is a tourist attraction in itself. The small hotel chain K+K own two hotels in Prague, and both are worth checking out. There are also a huge number of places for those who would want to stay even cheaper. The budget chain Ibis, for example, have several places in Prague where you can get a good night’s sleep for a bargain.

Long stay accommodation

Long stay accommodation


Have you ever felt that your vacation ends too quickly? Or that the weekend flies by? Of course you have, if you love to travel. The solution to this, of course, is a long stay. Today, there are many hotels and resorts where you can get a good deal if you stay longer. You have also the possibility of staying at an apartment hotel, where you can cook your own food. AirBnb is a perfect example whereby discounts are offered if you choose to stay for a week or longer

Long stay accomodation is a perfect way of getting to know a certain place better. It could even feel like a second home! Vacations and weekends can sometimes be quite stressful; you need to see this and do that. Some people have extensive lists of what to see and do. A long stay allows you to relax and really enjoy your destination. Bring a good book, lie on the beach, sit for hours at a café of your choice, play golf – you have endless of opportunities. It is indeed a perfect way of enjoying life, and your are worth it.