How Hotels Can Provide Great Customer Service For Guests

How Hotels Can Provide Great Customer Service For Guests

Having good customer service is a sure way of people in the hotel industry to attract and retain guests. If you ask many people who spend time in hotels, one of the things that they rarely compromise on is good customer service. If the services are poor, there are high chances that guests will leave poor reviews, and the ratings of the hotel will go down. Some of the ways in which hotels can provide good customer care service are:

Give Prompt Responses

Customer service starts even before the guests check into the hotel. If you get an inquiry about your services, respond as soon as possible. Remember that you may be dealing with several other customers, but on the other end of the line, the customer is only dealing with one hotel – you. Do everything within your means to ensure their queries and concerns are addressed on time and respectfully.

Make the Services Customised

Highly rated hotels always have customised services for their customers. They call them by name and acknowledge their presence. It is the little things, such as remembering their room number and giving them customised gifts that will make them feel important. When people feel valued and cared for, you can be sure that they will return. Even when writing emails, hotels should try and utilise some of the email personalisation tips that make people know that they were not mere afterthoughts.

Train Every Staff Member

One of the mistakes that hotel owners make is to train the people who sit at the front office about basic customer care while ignoring the rest. It explains why people leave reviews on how the cleaner or person who served them tea was extremely rude, while the receptionist was friendly. Poor customer care from one member of staff taint the name of the entire hotel. The guest will not remember the exact details of who made them feel how they felt, but they will remember why they never want to go back.

Do Regular Surveys

You may be thinking that your members of staff are doing a good job of making everyone satisfied, only to realise that some of the guests are unhappy. That is why you should have regular anonymous surveys where customers rate the services they got. Hotel owners should then use the information they find to implement changes that make the hotel better.

A hotel that invests in providing good customer care always reaps the results through good reviews and increased customers. This should be a mandate of every institution in the hospitality industry.

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