Romantic Weekends In Paris

Romantic Weekends In Paris

Have you ever dreamed of the ultimate romantic getaway with your loved one? Who hasn’t? One of the most popular destinations for such a trip is most certainly Paris. Known as the City of Love, each year it attracts millions of people, who want to feel the unique romantic atmosphere and spend a few tender moments with their partner under the Eiffel Tower at night. Read on to find out if it also a place for you and your boo.

Where to stay in Paris?

The most romantic city in the world offers many accommodation options. Each and every couple in love will find something, that appeals to themShopping Parisian style. From tiny private studios in the Montmartre neighbourhood, known for its bohemian vibe, to posh 5 star hotels, that also well-known celebrities frequent. If you are looking for something in between those two options, there is also something in Paris for you. The Hoxton is set to open its doors in a 16th century building in the 2nd arrondissement. This charming boutique hotel is a perfect option for a romantic weekend together. In fact, it is also very close to all the main attractions of the city. Definitely a good pick if you want to be in the centre of everything.

What to wear during your trip to Paris?

Paris is not only the city of love but also the world’s capital of fashion. It is the home of Chanel, Chloe and other famous brands. If you want to blend in with the chic Parisians, you will need to be on your best style behaviour. Flip through some fashion magazines and gather all the necessary information and inspiration on what’s hot this season. Afterwards, it’s time for some shopping. To prepare for your trip and to be sure you have all the stylish accessories needed to look the fashionista part in Paris, visit, where you can look up and buy all the glamorous items you need to make the romantic getaway even more perfect.

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