Booking a Hotel After Breast Augmentation

Booking a Hotel After Breast Augmentation

When you have a breast augmentation, some aspects of your life will need to be adjusted until you are fully recovered. While the procedure is safe when done by a professional, you should take extra care during the recovery process to prevent any complications. If you have an upcoming hotel stay after your breast augmentation, here are tips that will make your trip more comfortable.

Inquire About Bedding

You will need to sleep in comfortable bedding that will not press on your breasts. You should, therefore, only stay at a hotel that has quality bedding. Check the ratings and reviews of the place you plan to visit. Do not shy off from reaching out to the management of the hotel to ask for details about the bedding and mattress. If you can, carry with you some comfortable pillows and blankets that you can add to what the hotel provides.

Think About Distance

Most professional breast augmentation surgeons advise that patients should not travel a long distance for at least two weeks after breast augmentation. If you are booking a hotel, go for one that does not require long-distance travel. As otherwise, it could be tedious and put a lot of mental pressure on you. You need to rest and give your body a chance to recover. Postpone any long-distance travel until you receive clearance from your surgeon.

Watch Your Activities

Hotels have exciting amenities that can be tempting. However, you should resist the temptation to swim, overindulge in alcohol or eat unhealthy foods if you are still recovering. Basically, take things slow and consult with your doctors on what you can do at the hotel if you are not sure.

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