Why Choose the Best Soap Dispenser for Your Hotel?

Why Choose the Best Soap Dispenser for Your Hotel?

Few places provide so many different jobs as a hotel. Professionals in the hotel industry can specialize in each one of the branches. One of them is all that refers to the aspect of hygiene and cleaning.

Cleaning a hotel is something that begins but never ends. Every space in the hotel must be clean, and now more than ever, because of the Covid-19 pandemic. And yes, every shower or room should have a soap dispenser that is hygienic, aesthetic, and useful. That is why you must know how to choose the best one.

Why Is It Necessary?

It is widespread and traditional for hotels to have their own small, paper-covered soaps, usually in each room. However, soap dispensers can be an even more economical solution, which gives priority to liquid soaps and can be more enjoyable for guests to use. Many hotels have chosen to add soap dispensers in the sink area and leave the wrapped soaps for the shower. It is all a matter of cost and aesthetics.

Quantity or Quality?

One of the main reasons to choose a soap dispenser is for cost reduction. Hotel budgets are always a challenge, so generally buying liquid soap and adding it to dispensers is usually cheaper.

Thus, it is reasonable to wonder whether it is better to buy a quality soap dispenser, but in a smaller size, or one that, although not of the best material, holds much more soap. This choice will depend on how the liquid soap is replenished; if it is entirely manual, it will be better to opt more for the quantity. If it is automated, then the best thing will be the quality.

Hygiene: First Priority

The Covid-19 pandemic has revolutionized the hotel industry. Now, health and safety measures have to be much more effective through the enforcement of social distancing. Historically, hotels have had initiatives to recycle and donate soap, but this will be difficult with the pandemic. Even items as small as soap dispensers must be reformulated.

Now, the priority is that there is no contact with the dispensers to make the soap come out. In this way, possible infections when touching surfaces are avoided, but the need for soap remains.

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