Travel Trailer vs Inn

Travel trailer vs Inn?


Our scenario we are going to go by is you decide to take a road trip and you have an option of taking/Rent your travel trailer vs just packing up and staying the night at an Inn


We get this question a lot and so we though we might help out those that are stuck

Travel Trailer 


Outdoor: So to make it easy camping is relatively cheaper then you think under $20 in some areas and free in others since you are going to leave your travel trailer on publicly owned lands


Price Difference: There is almost little in some case no price difference between going on a road trip with a travel trailer vs taking your car for a road trip and stopping by inns every night

Gorgeous  View: Many stops that are mad on a road trip with a travel trailer are found by lakes and rivers and they are gorgeous, imagine that waking up to a gorgeous view on front of a lake or river and fresh air !


Relaxing: Living in a travel trailer is a little bit more relaxing because it pushes you to go outside and enjoy the fresh air and paradise


Less Work: Cleaning, Vacuuming, Etc this is pretty self explanatory



Small Space: Bathrooms, Shower, Kitchen, Dining room are not full size so this may effect some people and there interest in having a fun time

Drain Water: You have to drain and refill your water after use





Size: You have a full size kitchen, bathroom, dining room etc

Amenities: Having a pool, jacuzzi, play room is always fun and nice

Water Is Hot: Not all travel trailers can supply you with hot water so this a big plus especially what you are taking a shower anytime of the day!







Top Reasons You Need To Remodel

Remodeling can be a very stressful task and not many people want to take it on by themselves and not only that they make up excuse to put off sometimes important maintenance to there property and this could lead to many problems. Because water can drain in unwanted places and cause unwanted damage, We compiled a list of thing you should look for when you want to begin your next remodeling projects and most of the top reasons why most people remodel there existing property so lay back and enjoy the read!


Your Bored of Your Existing  Building or Property: If you don’t walk into your house and say wow every time then you need to do something about that since you do spend most of your time in your house why not make it look nice right!

Need Extra Space:  Not all remodels are done just for looks a good percentage is used to make a space more effective and efficient for instance a good case is a kitchen or bathroom

Tear and Wear: Not everything lasts for ever so get a move on and get your place remodeled and freshened up! But on a serious note wood rots and roofing needs to be replaced eventually, nothing last for ever and you may need to start budgeting for those expenses before its to late

Have Extra Money Ling Around: Not all remodels can make you money but if you live in a good enough neighborhood your remodel can actually help you increase your house value and eventually help you sell your properly sooner due to its outstanding features and look, since most people are looking for that fresh look in there new house they wish to buy and a freshly done remodel can make new house buyers fall in love with the property especially if it is done right!

Trying To Sell Your House: Sometimes it can use a touch up of paint and sometimes it requires a major remodel to remove all the outdate fixtures, outlets, wiring, plumbing and features, this project may add weeks to month depending on the type of remodeling project you wish to do and not to mention time cost but at the end of the day if you have something that looks pleasantly appealing that is going to sell a lot quicker that the average Joe’s house plus your house will increase in value and you can sell it for more!


Conclusion: At the end of the day its your house and if it suits you just fine and you are happy with it no remodeling may be required but if you wish to do some remodeling it may be time because sooner is better than later even a little DIY can make it happen since we have the internet overloaded with information on how to do almost everything its worth trying since the next time around you have experience in what you did and you may even have the skills to diagnose problems if they do come along!

Good luck with your next remodel!








When Should a Hotel Clean its Carpets and What are some of the Benefits?

Due to online customer reviews nowadays, it is vital for hotels to remain on top of everything throughout. Carpet cleaning is a vital part of standard hotel maintenance.

Due to online customer reviews nowadays, it is vital for hotels to remain on top of everything throughout. Carpet cleaning is a vital part of standard hotel maintenance.

It is beneficial to select the appropriate expert cleaners. Experts can make sure that carpet cleaning is performed with minimal disruption to the operations of your organization. They also ensure that carpet cleaning is carried out to very high standards.

Considerations for Hotel Carpets

  • Installing your carpet signifies a big investment. In terms of finance and your premises’ image, it is vital to ensure this investment is well taken care of. By building a continuous and efficient program for carpet maintenance, you can sustain your hotel’s reputation.

  • You are going to also greatly prolong your carpet’s life. A number of factors impact on your carpet’s appearance; these are color, maintenance, pattern and fiber.

  • It is vital to select the appropriate type of carpet for your business so as to achieve the ideal results. There are several fabulous styles for commercial carpet created for hotels.

  • They possess the vital fiber quality and standards of construction to satisfy the particular operation needs of the hotel industry.

Commercial Maintenance for Hotels

  • For any kind of program for commercial maintenance for hotels, five standard elements exist. For your complete carpet care program to be a success, all these elements should be included.

  • Soil control is the initial element. This involves capturing soil at sections of entry by using mats. Vacuuming is the second element which is vital. This should be carried out on a schedule which depends on the level of traffic.

  • The next element is removing stains; they need to be treated fast always. Another element which is essential for your program is interim cleaning; this involves cleaning sections which have high traffic, between planned thorough cleanings. Deep or restorative cleaning is the last element.

Benefits of Cleaning Carpets in Hotels

  • Carpet maintenance is among the Housekeeping department’s vital tasks as its suitable appearance maintains a lovely and splendid ambience in the hotel premises; this ensures visitors and residents find the hotel surroundings and service appealing.

  • Cleaning carpets also maintains cleanliness and prevents the carpet from becoming soiled and enhances air quality as well. Soil is very harmful for carpets as they have an impact on sections of the carpet which experience a lot of traffic.

Effective Cleaning of Hotel Carpets

  • It is recommended that you should set up a plan as it is ideal to clean your carpets on time. Using a vacuum cleaner to clean carpets is not going to keep them clean for long.

  • The ideal plan is regular cleaning of the carpet using vacuum cleaners, cleaning each with absorbent powder; and regular use of expert carpet cleaning of heavy kind so as to correct defects and for cleaning dirt.

  • Sometimes, the chambermaid can clean the carpet by hand; this is mostly when the carpet is not very dirty. The best option when washing by hand is to first vacuum it two times then scrubbing using a brush and special detergent; after this it is vacuumed thoroughly to get rid of any dirt which remains.


The Perfect Night Out

Its Almost Christmas and what would be more romantic than a night out with your loved one on a limousine and an amazing suit for the night

this time of year everyone is doing something special like going to the movies seeing christmas performances, going iceskating and other exiting events

so why not give it a try

with a limo and a luxury suit

Just think about it… you cruise to your suit on a black limo coming back from your favorite restaurant

not a bad way to end the night

After all That is what christmas is all about spending time with loved ones and sharing

so why not its the perfect time of year, so make it special

Edmonton makes it easy to enjoy the night especially with great views and great places limos and inns…




A Limousine Ride…The Perfect Present for a Loved One!

Anniversaries and birthdays are such memorable occasions that everyone just loves making elaborate arrangements for! As every year goes by, it becomes increasingly exciting to celebrate in a fashionable way as one remembers past achievements and experiences that have taken place.

You put in great effort to become a success and make provisions for your family and the ones you love. Therefore, when a special event like an anniversary or birthday comes up, you are aware that you should give them the best gift which they deserve.

Which Unique Gift can leave a Lasting Memory?

You can opt to take them on a trip or present them with expensive gifts which they wish for. For the birthday or anniversary which is coming up next, why not take them to a luxurious hotel for a special dinner?

You can make this extra special by including the elegance of a limousine ride in the city. This is a very innovative and surprising present for your parents, friends, siblings or spouse.

Why a Limousine Ride is Extra Special!

  • Admittedly, a limousine ride is a material gift also. However, it provides an experience which is special, magical and one that is hard to forget.  It is not every day that people have a chance to ride in a limousine!
  • So, give them a chance to experience it, even if it is for only one day. Let them have a chance to taste the comfort and elegance accorded to Hollywood stars and rich tycoons each day!
  • On the way to your unique destination, a limousine ride ensures comfort and exhilaration as your chauffer smoothly navigates through traffic. You can take sips of champagne from the limousine’s bar or watch a short movie in luxury, on the DVD.
  • When you reach your destination, which may be a hotel, everyone’s attention will be on the VIP guest who emerges from the dark limousine and makes a grand entrance.
  • Everyone would love to experience all this, even if it is just for one unforgettable night. It seems surreal, but you can make this a dream come true for someone special in your life.

When is it Appropriate to present this Wonderful Gift?

  • Presenting a limousine ride to someone as a gift should not happen just when there is a special anniversary. It can be a way of you showing appreciation to them for a big favor.
  • It can also be a way of giving them congratulations for a major achievement in their education or career. Whatever it is intended for, a limousine ride is a grand gesture which is undoubtedly going to be greatly appreciated and leave a lasting memory.
  • This is a unique method of making them know how much they mean to you and how ecstatic you are for what they have achieved. If you are not yet in a position to give them a magnanimous gift such as their own vehicle, riding in a limousine even just for one day is something they will definitely adore.


Therefore, make plans and assist them to commemorate great achievements with a gift that will make a lasting impression. This is something they will hold dear to their hearts forever.

Let them savor the joy of riding elegantly in a limousine!