Hotel Contracts Meet Technology

Hotel Contracts Meet Technology

Technology is enhancing the visitor experience at top hotels. By offering digital contracts and terms, hotels are efficiently managing consumer expectations. Here are four ways that hotels are using new technology to improve a customer’s hotel stay.

Customer Tracking

Repeat business drives hotel income. It is crucial for a hotel manager to delight the consumer and entice him to return for future stays. By using software to track visitor preferences, the concierge or manager is sure to impress the customer on his or her next visit. From favorite wines to choice of rooms, a customer’s records allow the hotel to cater to each guest’s preferences, ensuring a pleasant visit and long-term customer satisfaction.


Tracking consumer reservations is a complex process. More than 80 percent of global hotel users prefer a digital experience, making it simple to book a room. With a few clicks, a customer may use a smart phone to reserve a room, click a button to agree with a contract produced with, and choose the type of accommodations that meets his or her needs.

Room Service

Ordering food is also a snap. In-room notebooks or smart phone applications, allow hotel visitors to easily view menu items. With a few clicks, the order is sent for processing to an in-house hotel kitchen or contracted restaurant onsite. Easy and convenient digital solutions leverage the power of technology to ensure a seamless food delivery experience for hotel guests. Even food ordering requires a contractual agreement, which the guest may via a digital interface.

Check in and out

Checking in has never been easier. At some hotels, technology allows guests to indicate arrival and unlock the room door on the app. At other hotels, guests check in at the front desk, as a customer support professional accesses computerized reservation data. The system electronically matches a guest to a room based upon his or her preferences.

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