Holding Events at Your Hotel

Holding Events at Your Hotel

Apart from attracting customers for long and short stays to your hotel, other functions could be staged there to bring in extra revenue. For example, have you ever considered holding wedding receptions, charity dinners, post-christening parties, or birthday celebrations? If you have the space, good accessibility, and parking, there is no reason why your establishment cannot host a multitude of events.

Why Consider Planta?

One thing that these events will need is some classic floral decorations, and this is where Getplanta.com can help with your choice of flower arrangements. The Planta app is a great way to identify all species of plants and flowers. After all, what hotel does not benefit from some decorative floral and plant arrangements? Obviously, you can call in professionals, but these will come with a hefty price tag that will readily erode your profit margins. This app lets you take a picture of the species and can quickly identify what it is. It will then advise how to care for such plants and where to place them for maximum benefit in your hotel.

The Planta system can also set up reminders about when your plants need feeding or spraying to ensure they maintain their optimum looks. If you have a garden facility, you can consider growing a variety of flowers and shrubs that can be harvested for your venue. A wedding or christening will appear much better with plants and floral displays. In fact, for some life events, they become almost mandatory. The app also features a useful light meter to check your plants are situated in the best possible place. If anything goes wrong, you can use the Dr. Planta facility, which will identify the problem and suggest treatments and remedies. It covers everything from flowering and foliage plants to vegetables, herbs, and cacti. Consequently, it can be used in your private garden as well.


If you have not thought about branching out into hosting events at your place, then visit a well-established venue for some handy tips and advice. This can be a huge market, and some hotels can make almost as much from events as from paying guests. Keep costs down to start with, and use the Planta app for all your green-fingered needs. In no time at all, you could be hosting fabulous parties and celebrations. This, in turn, leads to the higher visibility of your place and will eventually result in repeat booking and further visits from your new clientele. Download the app today, and you are ready to get started on your new and exciting business venture.

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